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Asturias, Paraíso Natural. The slogan since 1986 has made people from abroad identify to our homeland and Asturians feel extremely proud of this. Enjoy a geography full of astonishing scenery around every bend and corner. With Over 214 miles of coastline, 19 fishing villages, over 200 beaches, 6 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves taking a third of the Asturian territory, bears, wolves, huge beech, oak and chestnut woods, The renowned Picos de Europa and the Cantabrian Mountains reaching an altitude of up to 8,700 ft. Up to twelve different stages, over 2,000 miles intricately and carefully designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, combining technical winding roads, fast valley asphalts, 10% slopes along 10 miles up to high mountain passes. Such a huge variety of different scenery, from coastal roads to high mountain, vast wide valleys next to flowing rivers to slow sinuous asphalts through woodlands, let our roads lead you to every single unmissable area in every part. Heaven, earth and sea meet and roll into one in the Natural Paradise of Asturias.

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November 10, 2015
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