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The Team

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AsturTarmac Tours, Spanish Travel Agency AV.250.AS, is a motorcycling company dedicated to the organization and development of motorcycle tours in the Northern Spanish region of Asturias. As bike enthusiasts we spend every single spare minute riding around our roads, and throughout the years, we’ve studied and discussed -between us and with many other groups- almost every mile of our geography: which is the best way to get there, why that quirky little restaurant upon the hill is the best choice, when exactly is the best to to arrive in time for Grandmas special homemade dish! and how our bikes perform on a particular tarmac like others don’t...etc etc

From the very start, the original idea was to share every ride with more and more people. Connecting with as many motorcycle fans as we could just to enjoy good times together and to share the experience at every stop. Remembering the UK and the Isle of Man, wanting to return the favor, why not? we said. Those fellows would love to come over for a visit and we could all have a good time together; us showing, them discovering...

As local guides we offer nothing less than the best from first hand experience and nothing that we haven’t enjoyed ourselves for years, and continue to enjoy. There’s nothing we’ve reinvented, no new creation, not even any lost land rediscovered. We’ve simply ridden around every road, tried and tested and worked out the best plan. The truth is that this is our passion, we live for this, that’s how much we enjoy it. So, the next step was easy: SHARING THE EXPERIENCES.

We are so confident that you’ll feel at home riding with us. Our aim is to make feel one of us and that’s how we Asturians are and how you will be treated here. Asturias, our little Natural Paradise is waiting for you.

Let us lead you to the most interesting villages, woods, mountains, beaches. Drop your luggage in our van, we carry it to the hotels. Ask for anything you need or you’d like to do, we’ll find a way to make it happen. Rest assured any breakdown, maintenance or whatever your bike needs will be solved; every corner we ride has all the basic infrastructures, medical, emergencies and security. We"d just love to share our passion, make your trip easier, smoother and ensure that you have the fantastic, unforgettable adventure of your life.


Juan M. Álvarez

AsturTarmac Tours" Prime Minister


Capt. Alejandro Felgueroso

Ideologist. Analogic-feel fan.

GSX 600R "Barry Sheene" 04 / FIREBLADE 92 / GSX 1100R 86 / GPZ 600R 87


F. Karras

Engineering, Design.

Kawasaki KZ 400, Kawasaki 550 GT


Rufi F. Roces

Guide. All road skills. DUCATI Hypermotard 2010. KTM 950 Adventure.


Rubén Fernández

Guide. FIREBLADE Repsol.



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