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We are not exactly saying that to be born in this region means being born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth, but, to be honest, we do sometimes wonder if we have a great privilege of having all of those miles out there to ride, in such wonderful scenery. We can safely say that we have done our best, travelled as much as we could and thoroughly enjoyed every step, every little village, people, culture and heritage as if our own. As a result, we are proud of feeling very much at home as we ride around Asturias and have made new friends throughout every corner of our land. We’re looking forward to welcoming you here, to come and share all of these experiences with us; we are ready to make you feel at home.



Considering the importance of being abroad on your bike for one or two weeks, we’ve thoroughly briefed our experts and mechanics in case of any unexpected occurrences. Should any issues ever arise, rest assured that they will get to wherever we are and try to solve whatever happened Ina flash. Efficiency and professionalism is paramount to us.



Asturias is connected to the UK by plane. Its airport is located next the Asturian coast. The motorway network connects the whole area over 200 miles in width, its 100 miles from north to south, and many towns are located in the central area. The region is divided into 78 boroughs, consisting of 8 healthcare areas and it is covered by several institutions for security and emergencies, such as the Guardia Civil, Protección Civil, Bomberos de Asturias (fire services) and centralized by the public 112 Emergency Assistance Service.



The Principality of Asturias is divided into 8 excellent high standard healthcare sectors, with a hospital in each one. Every mile of our geographic area is covered within less than 30 min by icu ambulance and the Bomberos de Asturias medical helicopter.



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