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Could you honestly find all these roads and places on your own?

Discover the motorcyle tour paradise around the Picos de Europa guided by local bike enthusiasts. Empty roads to enjoy your bike through charming sceneries, unforgettable hotels and restaurants. But we don"t do tourism; we do riding. We mind roads, fine tarmac twisted high mountain passes, coastal technical roads and fast valleys by the river. We don"t jump 200 miles from town to town to see cathedrals and/or castles. Ours is about riding.

AsturTarmac Tours is a Spanish Travel Agencywith Title-License No. AV.250.AS

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Los Picos de Europa. Asturias, Spain

And it is much more about tarmac than landscapes, believe it. What we care is about bikes.

Otherwise, we"d do photography or whatever, but for us the best side of this scenery is to ride on its astonishing roads.


There is no need to cover large distances to find different sceneries.

We personally find it crazy to cross a wohle country -Spain and France arespecially huge countries- to get to your destiny. Get to Dover, take the ferry or cross the tunnel, and then again over 500 miles on a motorway or a boring A road, in the best case? No, thanks. We are bike enthusiasts, not lorry drivers.


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We’ve prepared up to fourteen different routes, covering over 2,500 miles, selecting the finest roads around Asturias. Climb steep slopes to the mountains, reach twisted high mountain passes, ride down winding roads towards the coast. All spread out withmany optional activities and visits, such as sightseeing, mining or Jurassic museums, bear reserves, roman paths, Pre-Romanesque architecture... Feel at home in our friendly hotels and restaurants and looked after by our team, dedicated to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.



John Bailey Route »

Although Asturias still remains a hidden secret and may not be as famous in terms of motorcycling destination as Switzerland, Aus... More info »



Los Picos de Europa. The Liz and John Route. »

Have you heard of the renowned Picos de Europa? The most amazing area of the Cantabrian Mountains. Heights of 8,700 ft peaks combined with the sea equal a wonderful and unique n... More info »



High Mountains »

let your motorcycle guide you! throw away its horse bit and let it lead the way! let it ride nimbly twisting the intricate mountain bends and roads. Breath the fresh air with th... More info »



Coal Mines Day »

One of the historical periods that surprisingly united Asturias with the UK. During its peak time the industrial connection between both countries meant that lots of young Astur... More info »



Bear Home Reserve »

The central boroughs in Asturias have played a key role in looking after the unique Cantabrian Brown Bear repopulation. Its Foundation has a reserve where currently two females ... More info »



Fishing Villages »

There are nineteen charismatic costal villages in total, dotting the entire Asturian coast. They all have the appeal of typical fishing towns and villages with their quirky old ... More info »



Galician Border »

Why not step into neighboring Galicia as we cross the western mountain passes and make a stop to try its renowned gastronomy? We&... More info »



Montaña Central »

The cultural and historic heritage of our region is quite condensed in the central area. Oviedo, its capital over a thousand years ago formed the foundations of the Asturian Mon... More info »



Natural Parks Muniellos & Somiedo »

South-western Asturias is a lush natural paradise. Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Nature Park, a UNESCO-listed Biosphe... More info »


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