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Depending on your travel length, we will spend two to three nights in the hotels we’ve selected. We’ve found that this is the best tried and tested way as its more comfortable for you rather than hopping from one hotel to another to other every day and it’s also a way to feel more comfortable and settled whilst we explore out in the open road. The carefully selected hotels buildings and facilities ensure super smooth check ins, warm and professional staff and owners who extend their hospitality making us feel right at home rather than guests. It’s became a privilege for us to share our experiences and their excellent services as a part of our land to visitors.


Hotel Palacio de Libardón

We like to ensure that with any neutral charming hotel you remain completely at home. From 1625 until today, this house fore-fills and caters to the needs and desires of his guests. 400 years of stories written lie within its walls with silence as the only witness.


Hotel Palacio de Merás

Not only the palace itself, but the environment in which it is placed, will make you wish you could stay forever in this beautiful four star hotel. Well spend two nights here if you choose the standard 7 routes tour.


Hotel Quinta Duro

Tucked up within one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods we managed to find this homely feeling hotel located in Gijón, next to the Cantabrian Sea and the most vastly populated city in Asturias.



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