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From the very start, the original idea was to share every ride with more and more people. Connecting as many motorcycle fans as we could to enjoy together. Bonding via our common bike passion, the freedom of the open road and to share the experience at every stop. Remembering a previous trip to the Isle of Man with fond memories and wanting to return the good times here on our homeland for visiting enthusiasts, why not? we said. Those fellows would love to come over and we could have a good time all together; us guiding the way, them discovering!...As local guides we offer nothing less than what we"ve been enjoying ourselves for years, and keep on enjoying. There’s nothing we’ve reinvented, no new creation, not even any lost land rediscovered. We’ve simply ridden around every road in our region, that’s it; but the truth is we live for that, that’s how much we enjoy it. So,the next step was easy: SHARING EXPERIENCES.

We are so confident you’ll be just as at home home riding with us as we will be welcoming you here because our aim is to make you feel like of us and that’s just how us down to earth us Asturians are, real. Asturias, our little Natural Paradise is waiting for you.

Let us lead you to the most interesting villages, enchanting almost mystical looking woods, mountains, beaches. Drop your luggage into our van, we carry it to the hotels. Ask for anything you need or you’d like to do, we’ll find the way to make it happen; be confident any maintenance and whatever your bike needs will be solved by our experts on hand, every corner we ride has all the basic infrastructures, medical, emergencies, security. Check our hotels and restaurants reviews; the administration tourism website. We just want to make your travel easier, efficient and ensure that you enjoy it as much as we do.



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